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What Would NBA Legends Look Like w/ Tattoos?

Michael Jordan
In today's NBA, it's harder to spot a player without tattoos than with. Almost every player looks like they've been in prison at some point or were a member of a biker gang. 

If you look back 15-20 years, Dennis Rodman seemed to be the only one in the League who was covered in ink and for that (and many other reasons) he was considered an outcast. This got us thinking, since tattoos are so mainstream now, what would NBA Legends look like if they played in today's tattoo era?

Here are a couple ideas:

Magic Johnson

Larry Bird

Bill Russell & Wilt Chamberlain

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

John Stockton

And on the flip side, what would LeBron look like without tattoos?

7 comments on "What Would NBA Legends Look Like w/ Tattoos?"

  1. Bird looks like the Bird-man.
    And LBJ looks more clean-cut. Like I'd hate him less.

  2. Stockon rockin' the tats! Gotta love him as a hog rider looking for a fight.

  3. ALL of the facial expressions seem to have added ATTITUDE when the tatts are put on. Interesting.

  4. The Legends could have tatted their legs too with those shorts...

  5. Saw this on Jim Rome yesterday, nice work!

  6. If you ever need to cover your ink on the court or in the sun:

    Kareem is my fav with ink.